Bramhall Furniture is a cabinet maker based in Stockport. We service the Greater Manchester area, but happy to visit the Peak District.

James Mills is the director and is taking over from John Beswick, who has been a furniture maker in Stockport for close to twenty years. The premises – 175 Bramhall Lane, SK2 6JA is remaining and always welcome visitors.

Bespoke means Bespoke
Each project is unique and treated as such. At Bramhall Furniture, we utilise space as much as possible and tailor the design to your home and requests. Larger companies, don’t have the flexibility for truly bespoke design. Their production methods rely upon mass producing an average and using large facias to hide the wasted space. Which defeats the purpose of bespoke design. At Bramhall Furniture, we make the cabinet fit the space.

Our Ethos

Ideally you buy well once. Which is why we take our time and to get the product perfect. Only top quality materials are used, that way we hope to present to you with something that will last. We see this as a double win, not only is it good for you the customer, but also good the environment. So confident are we in the build, we also offer a ten year guarantee on all our work.

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