Something Different

The bridge in the fore-ground has been made using an African timber called Sepele, much like Mahogany. The main structure was built using two telephone poles.
The curves were made by a combination of steam bending and laminating. Laminating requires lots of thin bendable strips to be glued in layers until the required thickness is met. It was sealed using yacht varnish and building it up to ten layers. To maintain it, a light sand of 240 grit sand paper and another layer of varnish once a year should keep it fresh.

A pantry built in to an alcove where the cooker used to stand. Pine was used to make the shelves which were then stained with Walnut to give it the dark brown look. Cast iron brackets were added at the ends for support. The boxes are attached to the wall, but can be lifted off for refilling.

Wall panelling.

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