Living Rooms

Bespoke Living Room Furniture

Make the most of your family space. Stash away the everyday clutter and display what has meaning to you. Create a dedicated space for your interests. Bespoke furniture can help you achieve this by tailoring your requirements to the furniture. Storing logs or records, your needs met in one tidy place.

Quality bespoke furniture made by craftsmen

Bespoke Living Room Furniture

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and making sure your living room furniture is perfect for you and your home. We provide a simple 5 Step Process to make sure your bespoke handcrafted furniture fits your home perfectly.

Bramhall Furniture will handcraft specifically for you.

Living Room Furniture

Whether you’re looking for a cosy living room to spend time with the family, a bespoke library snug that doubles as a work from home space, or a bespoke media unit for your home cinema set up, Bramhall Furniture can create bespoke lounge furniture that is a perfect match for you and your home.

Quality bespoke handmade furniture

Stylish Snugs and Reading Nooks

At Bramhall Furniture we can create a wonderful snug, a comfortable space to curl up in. Ideally a snug should feature wood panelling, a cup of coffee and a good book. Dark and moody colours work wonderfully for creating this cosy snug space, and at Bramhall Furniture, we can create your bespoke space in any colour you can dream of. Made to measure built-in bookshelves, workspace, and even hidden drinks cabinets can be designed to create your perfect space for relaxing, reading or enjoying a well deserved drink!

And if you don’t have room for a snug, why not carve out a reading nook from your living room? The possibilities are endless….

Modern and classic panel designs for every space

Wall Panelling

Whether you want to go period feature, Georgian classic with wainscoting, or contemporary with shiplap, wood panelling adds more design interest and character to a room. This historical deco feature is timeless and looks fantastic in the bedrooms, living room, or hallways and stairs. What we love about wood panelling is it’s so easy to update with a fresh coat of paint, so will live and change in your home with you.

Wall panelling lets you add texture to a blank wall. The joy of it is, not only its aesthetic feel but its practical application. Wall panelling is hardwearing. Perfect for places like halls which get bashed about by muddy boots. It also helps insulate the home, creating a barrier from the plaster walls and reflecting heat back in. After being ripped out of homes during the mid-20th century, it is now seeing a Renaissance, as younger eyes are seeing it for its character and practicality. The age of your home doesn’t matter, as it can be adapted for traditional and contemporary rooms.

Quality furniture handmade by craftmen

Handcrafted Living Room Furniture

Working with Bramhall Furniture we can create a bespoke suite of living room furniture that is perfect for your family lifestyle. Together we can make your living room work for you providing all of your storage needs and a flexible solution that looks great

Bramhall Furniture will handcraft specifically for you.

Whatever Your Design Style

We make many styles of furniture to fit into your home. Create storage that looks amazing, a workspace that can be hidden away. Whatever your specific bespoke furniture needs are Bramhall Furniture will handcraft specifically for you.