Bespoke Fitted Bedroom Furniture

Bespoke fitted bedroom furniture, handbuilt by Bramhall Furniture. Furniture designed, handcrafted and fitted to suit your home perfectly. Our bespoke designs for fitted wardrobes and bedroom furniture create the perfect bedroom storage solutions for you and your home.

Bespoke bedroom furniture

Bespoke Wardrobes Make the Most of Every Inch

We all need clothes and a place to put them. Wardrobes are one of the most personal things you can buy. They are not about social signalling, but about closing a door on the day.
Bespoke wardrobes, are a personal purchase and you do it for you. They keep your room tidy and make the whole process of getting to sleep easier. A clean bedroom is a clean mind.
Bespoke wardrobes make the most of every inch. Getting in that extra pair of shoes or couple of shirts. Larger organisations use standard sizes and fit a pre-manufactured cabinet in to your home, which can waste a lot of space at the edges and above. You also limited by your choice of colours. Bramhall Furniture can get that specific colour matched and make your wardrobe fit snug in to your room.

Create the perfect storage for your bedroom

Bespoke Fitted Bedrooms

Bramhall Furniture can create fitted bedroom wardrobes, drawers, and dressers that are custom-made to your specific measurements. Every bedroom is unique, so maximising your storage space needs a unique solution. At Bramhall Furniture we have a 5 step process to make sure that we listen to what you need and design bedroom furniture that gives you storage to maximise your space.

Bespoke bedroom furniture

Sloping Ceilings & Awkward Spaces

Sloping ceilings, awkward shaped rooms, alcoves by fireplaces, James and the team design beautiful furniture that will maximase your bedroom space. Our fitted bedroom wardrobes are custom made to your specific measurement. Bramhall Furniture specialises in loft and attic rooms with angled ceilings and alcoves for Victorian bedrooms. We individually design and tailor your fitted furniture to exactly fit awkward shapes to maximise your bedroom space.

Add character to your home

Wood Panelling

Wall panelling lets you add texture to a blank wall. The joy of it is, not only its aesthetic feel but its practical application. Wall panelling is hardwearing. Perfect for places like halls which get bashed about by muddy boots. It also helps insulate the home, creating a barrier from the plaster walls and reflecting heat back in. After being ripped out of homes during the mid-20th century, it is now seeing a Renaissance, as younger eyes are seeing it for its character and practicality. The age of your home doesn’t matter, as it can be adapted for traditional and contemporary rooms.