Bramhall Furniture Design Styles

We make many styles of furniture to fit into your home. Below are some of the styles we do, but as this is bespoke nothing is set in stone. Doors, cornices, and designs can all be changed.
Here the wardrobes are present on the left and the dressers on the right. All of the designs are both suitable for flat walls or being set into an alcove beside a chimney breast.

Have a look at some of the Furniture Design Styles we can make bespoke for your home.

Design Styles

The Shaker

Our most popular design, the Shaker. Designed by the Shakers a religious sect in America during the 19th century. It was designed to be simple and functional. The doors have deep panels and the cornice and skirt can be swapped for something more modern or classical. Designs to suit both new and old homes.

Shelves can be design to be double, full width or floating. Glass fronted doors can be added to keep out dust. The Shaker is a great blank canvas to start on.

Design Styles Shaker Dresser

Design Styles

The French Armoire

The French Armoire, a style of wardrobe that flows naturally but has a regal feel. Many had mirrors fitted in to the panels.

The dresser has a Rococo inspired design. The bookshelves/ dressers from Europe during the 18th-19th century where decorated in bold colours, stencils and gold to highlight features.

Every inch of the furniture had elaborate design built in to it. Utilising curves at every point. The display doors often had beading in, to create even more shapes and patters in the glass itself.

Design Styles French Armoire Wardrobe
Design Styles The French Armoire Dresser

Design Styles

The Contemporary

The Contemporary. This style has evolved since the 1950s and was all about cleaning up the old fashioned Victorian homes post-war. It is instantly recognisable for its simple clean finish. Lines are straight and angles are sharp, occasionally broken up by the curve of a grooved handle. The handles are typically grooved in to keep that flat clean finish

The dresser in this design has floating shelves above the base cabinet.

Design Styles The Contemporary Wardrobe
Design Styles The Contemporary Dresser

Design Styles

The Georgian

The Georgian, a neo-classical design popular during the Regency period in the UK. It is all about bringing the ancient Greek-Roman design back to life. Using columns and twisted rope designs to frame the furniture. The designs are quite square, but use a selective curve to break up the sharp right angles.

Design Styles The Georgian Wardrobe
Design Styles The Georgian Dresser